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Oshika Kabuki Performance
Ichiba Shrine (Fall); Taiseki Shrine (Spring) : 大磧神社(春)・市場神社(秋)

Watch a Performance of a Rare Countryside Kabuki, Twice Yearly.

Southern Nagano


Oshika Kabuki is the best known of Japan''s rural-Kabuki theaters. Two performances a year.


Kabuki theater is primarily seen in Japan''s major cities, with the top stars being celebrity figures. But there is another side to the kabuki world: rural kabuki. In the Edo era, travelling kabuki troupes would put on performances in villages in the countryside, introducing kabuki theater to the peasants. With few other forms of entertainment existing then, in some places kabuki caught on and the local people would start up their own kabuki theater groups. The most famous of these "rural kabuki" theaters is in tiny (population 1,400) Oshika Village.


Hours :
Date(s) :
Oshika Kabuki does two performances a year,
Spring Performance on May 3rd at Taiseki Shrine, and\r\nFall Performance on the 3rd Sunday of October at Ichiba Shrine. 
Cost / Price of Admission :
Entrance free.Cost is free, but it is customary for viewers to throw money into a collection box in appreciation for the actors' performance. 
Time Required :
Performance lasts 4 hours 
Reservations :
Not required(Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.) 
Foreign Languages :
 (Minimal English explanation.) 
Luggage Storage :
Not Available 


tel : +81(0)265-39-2100 大鹿村教育委員会   Official site


By Train
From Ina Ojima Station(JR Chuo Line), Use the event shuttle bus departing at 10:20 (50 min.)
By Car
From Matsumoto IC, Take Route 59 east 50 minutes to Oshika Village; use the event parking lot.
Oshika, Shimoina 390-0812

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