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Eat Komagane Sauce Katsu Don at an Official Restaurant
Komagane Sauce Katsudon Guild : 駒ヶ根ソースかつ丼会

Try Komagane’s Famous Sauce Katsu Specialty Dish at One of these Fine Restaurants.

Southern Nagano


Komagane in southern Nagano is renowned for its variety of tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets) donburi (rice bowl) called Sauce Katsudon. Usually katsudon is served with an egg sauce on top. Komagane's Sauce Katsu features a teriyaki-like sweet sauce different from regular tonkatsu sauce. And the Komagane Sauce Katsu Guild features close to 40 restaurants that serve their namesake delicacy.


You can get Sauce Katsu Don at the Komagane service area on the Chuo Expressway. You can get Sauce Katsu Don at any number of restaurants in town. You can even get Sauce Katsu at the hotel at the top of the Komagatake Ropeway at Senjojike Cirque. With all of those places to choose from, which restaurant to select? Well, why stop at just one? The Komagane Sauce Katsu Guild website is happy to introduce you to close to 40 restaurants in Komagane that serve "Sauce Katsu Don".


Hours :
Varies by restaurant.
Date(s) :
Varies by restaurant.
Cost / Price of Admission :
Varies by restaurant.
Reservations :
Normally not required. 
Foreign Languages :
 (Availability of English menus varies by restaurant.) 


tel : +81(0)265-82-4168   e-mail   Official site


By Train
From Komagane Station(JR Chuo Line), 
By Car
From Komagane IC, 
(Guild office at the Chamber of Commerce) 3-1 Uwabusakae, Komagane 399-4115

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