Shinano Railway Banzai Pass

July 31, 2023

Shinano Railway Banzai Pass — 2 day pass good for anywhere on Shinano Railway between Shinonoi and Karuizawa including our station Togura as well as Ueda and Komoro, and the Kita- (North) Shinano Line from Nagano to Myoko Kogen including Kurohime, gateway to Lake Nojiri. The pass is only 2000 yen and is available only to foreigners, details here.
Our guests, H-san, used the pass today to go from Togura to Ueda to see the castle, then on to Karuizawa for shopping. Tomorrow they will go to Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City and then on to Kurohime for Lake Nojiri. All for 2000 yen — what a bargain! Thank you, Shinano Railway!

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