• Christmas Shopping in Karuizawa

    Lots of funky shops in the Old Karuizawa “Ginza”, Harunire Terrace and the Commons.

    December 19, 2023

  • Trial Run for Program to Attract Foreign Visitors in Togari Hot Springs

    We were invited to Togari Onsen (Iiyama City) to participate in a trial run for a program to attract visitors from overseas. Wearing a yukata – calligraphy lesson – making the local Sasa (bamboo leaf) sushi – carving chopsticks – picking nozawana radish stalks – minshuku stay with meals and onsen – neighborhood walk with the dog – e-bike ride along the Chikuma River – vegan lunch in the temple district. Highlights included the charming proprietress of Alpen Plaza minshuku and the granny who gave us persimmons while we strolled the neighborhood. What a fulfilling experience!

    December 5, 2023