• Sep 23 (Sat) – Free Japanese Culture Event in Matsumoto!

      Nakamachi Shopping Street, which is located in Matsumoto City, is holding a fun Japanese culture event at the Kurassic-kan on Sep. 6 (Wed) and Sep 23 (Sat). Here you can try all kinds of Japanese arts, crafts, activities, and other cultural experiences, not to mention everything is hands-on and mostly free! Besides the main event at the Kurassic-kan, several of the shops and restaurants around Nakamachi will also be offering cultural activities like traditional games or food/drink tastings. See below for a list of activities and where you can get the official details, event flyer, or see the event on Facebook! There will also be volunteers providing translation/interpretation to help with communication, including local high school students and local guides. So not only is this a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture, but also a nice chance to communicate …

    August 30, 2017

  • Volcanic Activity Warning: Kamikochi’s Mt. Yakidake

    Volcanic Activity Warning: Mt. Yakidake, one of the most popular climbs from Kamikochi, has experienced higher-than-average volcanic activity lately. As August 11th is the “Mountain Day” holiday in Japan, many people will likely go mountain climbing in Nagano. If you choose Mt.Yakidake, we recommend proper precautions such as a helmet, and to stay away from the vents / volcanic smoke. Japan’s government has not changed Mt. Yakidake’s volcanic level from 1 (lowest) as of yet. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170810-00003743-cbcv-soci   Info on climbing Mt. Yakidake here: https://www.unique-nagano.com/detail.php?id=301

    August 10, 2017