• The Must-Have Map to Walk the Nakasendo

    Walking the Nakasendo road through the Kiso Valley is becoming increasingly popular.  Fortunately, the Kiso Tourist Federation has a new booklet that clearly details the trail as well as points of interests (and toilets!) along the way. Pick up your copy of this essential map at the tourist information center at Tsumago-juku (post town). Please let us know in the comments section how your trek goes!  

    May 26, 2017

  • Okususobana Nature Garden in Kinasa

    written byJunko Kinasa is hidden village located between Nagano City and Hakuba Village. It takes only 20mins by car from the center of Nagano City.   Once you visit Kinasa area you might meet old romantic legend  ‘Kijo Momiji’ story. Visiting the museum ‘Kinasa Furusato Shiryokan’, you can see hand making floats.   Especially it’s amazing to watch wood carving art works on them.   In spring people use one of them in the  local spring  festival even now. There is one of the popular Oyaki Shop in Kinasa. They use local natural vegetables. From the center of the village, you can take bus to Okususobana Nature Garden.  

    May 19, 2017

  • Snow Monkey Babies! Spring, 2017

    written by Tyler Nagano’s Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park is famous for the snow monkeys.  Pictures of the adorable macaques blissfully soaking in their mineral bath with snow covering their furry heads have captivated the world, making the Monkey Park a popular winter destination.  Actually, though, one of the best times to go is in the spring, when the babies are born.  Park director Hagiwara-san, an award-winning photographer in his own rite, shared this picture for us to post here on Unique Nagano, of the first baby born this spring.  We hope you can come and see the cutest snow monkey babies! Access to the Monkey Park using public transportation can be confusing. Basically, you have to get to the trailhead at Kanbayashi.  From Nagano Station, that means either using an express bus bound for Shiga Kogen to the “Snow Monkey …

    May 13, 2017