• Nakano Rose Festa Takes Place May 27 to June 18

    Nakano City has been in the news lately for an unfortunate incident. Ordinarily it should be making headlines for its rose festival. The 2023 Shinshu-Nakano Rose Festa takes place May 27 to June 18th. 3000 rose bushes of 850 varieties from all over the world including England and even some developed locally in Nakano. A huge selection of rose plants for sale as well as crafts and … rosé parfait! The best part of the rose garden is the fragrant smell in the air!

    June 6, 2023

  • Moon Reflecting in the Recently Planted Obasute Rice Terraces

    Today is the full moon, which means it’s time to see the moon reflecting in the recently planted Obasute Rice Terraces. (Photo 2023.6.03 8pm. Location is a 5 minute walk from Obasute Station on the JR Shinonoi Line.)

    June 2, 2023