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Hiking to Togakushi's Giant Cedar Trees
Togakushi Okusha : 戸隠奥社

Nature’s Power Awaits You at the Massive Cedar Trees Lining the Path to ‘Okusha’.

Northern Nagano


The path to Togakushi's Inner Shrine is lined with cedar trees that are 400+ years old. Their massive presence instills a feeling of the power of nature upon those who make the walk to see them.


1904-meter tall Togakushi Mountain is revered as a spiritual site in Japan. Towering above Nagano City's northwest side, the mountain is tied to the legends of Japan's creation myth. It has traditionally been home to both 'yamabushi', or ascetic hermits that live in solitary on the mountain, and the Togakure-ryu ninja school. The Inner Shrine ('Okusha' 奥社) is located at the end of a 2km-long pilgrimage route from the main highway. At approximately the half-way point, the trail passes through a large, thatched-roof wooden gate ('Zuijinmon' 随神門). Past the gate, the land for several meters on either side of the path was considered sacred. So while the surrounding forest had been logged at some point, the trees lining the path are the original, old-growth cedar trees. Their massive size has resulted in the area becoming known as a "power spot", a sort of spiritual vortex, in Japan.


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Parking becomes scarce in the summer. Proper footwear is recommended. Mountain weather can change drastically so dress accordingly.


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By Train
From Nagano Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), Take bus #70 or #71 to the Okusha stop (approx. 1 hour 10 min.). (In winter, get off at Chusha stop and continue on R36 on foot 1.5km to Okusha trailhead.)
By Car
From Shinanomachi IC, Turn left and go north 500m to Route 18 and turn right. Proceed southeast 1.4km to the Kashiwabara Elem. signal and turn right on to Route 36. Go 14.9km and the trailhead will be on the right.
Togakushi , Nagano City 381-4101

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