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Suyakame Main Store : 門前みそ すや亀 本店

Original Miso-Based Menu at Zenkoji's Original Miso Maker.

Northern Nagano


Suyakame is easy to spot with its white plaster walls and large blue 'noren' curtain at the entrance emblazened with "門前みそ" Monzen (indicating its location close to the entrance to Zenkoji Temple) Miso. The interior imbues an atmosphere of an old-time merchants house, and various miso-based goods are on display and available for sampling. Free tea is served, too. At the restaurant, the main draw is the "Grilled Rice Ball Basket". That symphony of miso and soy sauce lightly covering the grilled rice balls is reminiscent of the way Grandmas (in Japan) used to make them. Lunch guests are treated to not one but three types of miso soup (varies daily) to choose from, and guests are welcome to free refills so all 3 can be tried. Tsukemono pickles are also all-you-can-eat.


Restaurant (lunch): 11:30-14:30
Store: 9:00-18:00 (10:00-17:30 on Sundays and Holidays)
Open daily throughout the year except closed Jan. 1st and 2nd.
Average Price
Lunch 782-1,080
Not required
Foreign Languages
(English menu available.)
Seating Style
Chairs(17 seat(s))


2nd store located near Zenkoji Temple's Niomon Gate, features freshly grilled rice balls wrapped in Nori and the iconic miso-flavored soft serve ice cream. Zenkoji Store hours 09:00-18:00. Purchases of 3,000 yen or more can be paid by credit card.


tel : +81(0)26-235-4022fax : +81(0)26-235-0391Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Nagano Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), Go north on Chuo Dori Street past Showa Dori (Shindenmachi signal) to next signal, turn left and Suyakame will be on the left. (Approx. 15 min.)
By Car
From Nagano IC, 30 min.
625 Nishigo-cho, Nagano 380-0845

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