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Togakushi Campsite : 戸隠キャンプ場

Camp in an Open Field at the Base of Picturesque Togakushi Mountain.

Northern Nagano


Located at 1200m above sea level, the campground is spread out over 22ha with Togakushi Mountain towering overhead. Besides being the trailhead for Takatsuma Mt. (selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Mountains), the campground offers a wading area in a natural stream, a dairy ranch, Ninja Center and Forest Reserve nearby. Also in Togakushi is the popular Kids Ninja Village. The drinking water is natural spring mineral water, and camp sites come equipped with electricity and water. Cabins are also available to rent.


  •  Included in car camping.
  •  300 people
  •  Some paved trails and accessible facilities.
Date(s) :
In operation daily from late April until early November. 
Check-In :
Tent sites 08:30, cottages 14:00. 
Check-Out :
Price of Accommodation :
¥1,000- for small (1-2 person) tent
¥2,000- for large (3+ people) tent
¥5,000- for bungalow
¥3,000- for car camp (1 car with tent)
¥9,000- for log cabin
(2014 rates) 
Reservations :
See Notes. 
Capacity :
Foreign Languages :
English (Only basic English spoken.) 
Area Sightseeing Info :


350 car camp sites (reserations not required),
50 100m2 sites (reservations recommended),
6 6-person cottages (reservations required)
33 5-person log cabins (reservations required),
28 5-person bungalows (reservations required),
8 200m2 sites with water and electricity (reservations recommended)
Cooking and bBq facilities, toilets, hot showers, coin laundry, campfire sites.
At the store: firewood, charcoal, food, drinks, liquor, souvenirs.
Available for rental: tent, tarp, blanket, lantern, bbq grill, pots, knives, dutch oven, etc.


tel : +81(0)26-254-3581   fax : +81(0)26-254-3022   e-mail   Official site


By Train
From Nagano Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), Take the Alpico Bus for Togakushi from platform #7 outside the Zenkoji Exit, and use the Togakushi Campsite stop (approx. 60 min.).
By Car
From Shinanomachi IC, 25 min
From Nagano IC, 60 min
3694,Oodozawa Togakushi, Nagano 381-4101

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