Ramen in Nagano

May 27, 2024

Great Places in Nagano for Ramen

If you’re looking for a place to eat some delicious ramen in Nagano then check out these great restaurants!

Kameya Ramen

With over 50 years of consecutive service, we recommend this great local restaurant. The delicious homemade noodles are made from locally harvested wheat from Nagano.

Lemon and Wakame seaweed ramen, great for those non-meat eaters out there.

Ramen shop Ichiboshi

The owner of this ramen restaurant has been making his own soup since he was a child as his parents also ran their own ramen restaurant.

Nothing better on a cold winter day than a piping hot bowl of ramen.

Nagano Prefecture is full of great ramen restaurants. Come and check some out for yourself!

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