The Harvest Moon from Nagano’s Top 2 Moon-Viewing Locations

October 6, 2017

From anywhere in the world, the Harvest Moon is spectacular to see.  Here in Nagano Prefecture, we have 2 locations that are particularly famous for viewing the moon:  Matsumoto Castle in central Matsumoto City and the “Tagoto-no-Tsuki” Obasute terraced rice fields in Chikuma City.

Matsumoto Castle has a ‘tsukimi-yagura’ (moon-viewing tower), from where you can see the moons three-fold:  one in the sky, one reflected in the moat, and one reflected in … well, any guesses where?

(PIcture courtesy of Keener-san)

(Matsumoto Castle is located 1.4km from Matsumoto Station)

At the Obasute rice fields, the number of moons you can see doesn’t stop at 3.  The terraces are known as “Tagoto-no-Tsuki” meaning the moon reflects in the individual rice fields.  I think you need some of the local sake in order to see that properly.  Oh, there’s a hint for the answer to my question!  (The Obasute terraced rice fields are adjacent to Obasute Station on the JR Shinonoi Line, approx. 10 min. by taxi from onsen town Togura-Kamiyamada.)

亀清旅館さんの写真 亀清旅館さんの写真 亀清旅館さんの写真

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