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Uchiyama Washi (Japanese Paper) Workshop in Iiyama
Iiyama Tesuki-washi Workshop : 飯山手すき和紙体験工房

Japanese Paper Making Using this Distinct Deep-Snow Country Process.

Northern Nagano


‘Washi’ (Japanese traditional paper) is made from wood fiber, making it stronger than today’s more common paper made of wood pulp. And the Uchiyama style of ‘washi’ made in northern Nagano’s Iiyama City is especially durable. See for your self, and experience making some yourself, at the Iiyama Tesuki Washi (Handmade Paper) Taiken Kobo (Activities Workshop), conveniently located steps away from Iiyama Station.


Iiyama's 'washi' tradition called "Uchiyama" is renowned for the strength of the paper. Due to its strength it is commonly used as the paper in shoji screen room dividers. For over three and a half centuries, craftsmen have been taking advantage of Iiyama’s cold winters, heavy snow fall, and clear running water to make Uchiyama-style ‘washi’. You, too, can try your hand at making ‘washi’ and create a postcard, colored paper, bookmark or haiku paper.


  • 15
  • 30 people
9:00-17:00 from Apr. to Dec., 10:00-16:00 from Jan. to Mar. (Entrance until 30 minutes before closing.)
Closed on Mondays (or following Tuesday if Monday falls on a holiday)
Cost / Price of Admission
Postcard 210, colored paper 520, bookmark 620 for 12, haiku paper 620 for 3.
Time Required
30 min-1 hour
Required(Required for Groups of 10+. Contact the Iiyama Tourism Assoc.
# of Participants
1 - 30
Foreign Languages
(Instruction in Japanese with lots of body language.)
Luggage Storage
Not Available


tel : +81(0)269-67-2794fax : +81(0)269-67-2794Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Iiyama Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), Walk north and cross the tracks to Route 97, turn left, and the workshop will be on the left. (1km, 12 min. on foot)
By Car
From Toyota-Iiyama IC, Take Route 117 northeast, then Route 97. (8.1km, 22 min.)
1439-1 Iiyama, Iiyama 389-2253

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