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Sasazushi at Kajika-tei
Kajikatei : かじか亭

Try Northern Nagano’s Iconic Sasa-Sushi and Tomikura Soba at the Landmark Kajika-tei.

Northern Nagano


Tomikura Soba is unique in that it uses the fibers from the leaves of a local burdock root called oyamabokuchi to hold together the (locally-grown) buckwheat.
With origins dating back over 400 years ago, Sasazushi has been a specialty of Iiyama City and surrounds for more than 4 centuries. Sasazushi is vinegared rice, 'sansai' edible wild vegetables, miso paste, walnuts, egg and pickled ginger wrapped in a bamboo leaf.


Legend has it that when Uesugi Kenshin, the famous samurai warlord from neighboring Niigata Prefecture, traversed the Tomikura Pass into modern day Iiyama City in northern Nagano Prefecture in the late 16th century, the locals scrambled to come up with something suitable for such a renowned samurai. They hastily prepared a type of sushi containing vinegared rice, edible wild vegetables from the mountains, miso paste, walnuts, shredded 'tamago' (Japanese omelet), and red pickled ginger wrapped in a green bamboo leaf. This concoction dubbed "Sasazushi" (=bamboo leaf sushi) became a hit and is popular to this day.


  •  30
  •  20 people
Hours :
Date(s) :
Closed Tuesdays 
Cost / Price of Admission :
Sasazushi: 700 (regular), 1,120 (large) 
Soba: From 900. 
Reservations :
Not required 


Go careful with the sasa leaves -- it's easy to cut yourself. Tomikura is also famous for its unique soba that uses a local plant, Synurus pungens, to bind the buckwheat flour (instead of wheat flour).


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By Train
From Iiyama Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), 20 min. by taxi.
By Car
From Toyota-Iiyama IC, Take Route 117 north into central Iiyama City, then Route 292 (the Iiyama Kaido Highway) towards Niigata (18km, 26 min.).
1769   Tomikura, Iiyama 389-2258

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