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Matsukawa Gorge : 松川渓谷

Picturesque River Gorge with 3 Waterfalls and 8 Hot Springs Districts

Northern Nagano


The Matsukawa Gorge is a deep 'V' carved out by its namesake Matsukawa River, a tributary of the Chikuma River. The steep flanks covered in deciduous trees especially split-leaf maples become a vivid green with new growth in the spring and a cacophony of golden yellow and orange hues in the fall. The red color of the graceful Takai Bridge provides a brilliant contrast.
The river's flow is punctuated by 3 large waterfalls, of which "Kaminari" (Lightning) Falls is unique in that the brave can venture behind the waterfall (closed from the end of Nov. to early May). 8 different hot spring areas are also interspersed along the gorge.


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Hours :
Takayama Onsen Tourist Association office open 09:00-17:45. 
Date(s) :
Takayama Onsen Tourist Association office closed the third Wednesday of the month. 
Reservations :
Not required 
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English (English, Chinese and Korean language pamphlets.) 
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tel : +81(0)26-242-1122 信州高山温泉郷観光協会(Takayama Onsen Tourist Association)   fax : +81(0)26-242-2200   e-mail   


By Train
From Suzaka Station(Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Line), via bus bound for Yamada Onsen or taxi (approx. 30 min)
By Car
From Suzaka Nagano East IC, Turn right at the Kotakamachi intersection then left at Kamihaccho intersection, right at the Hongo intersection, then proceed to Takayama Village (30 min., 15km)
Oku-Yamada, Takayama, Kamitakai 382-0800

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