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Go Jomon! Experience Japan's Prehistoric Era
Chikuma City Sarashina no Sato Ancient Experience Park : 千曲市さらしなの里歴史資料館

Experience the Lifestyle of Japan’s Prehistoric Jomon Period.

Northern Nagano


Experience life from Japan's prehistoric Jomon Era. Featuring a recreated Jomon village, the Sarashina no Sato Ancient Experience Park offers activities such as carving a stone pendant. Historical museum and video describe how people lived in harmony with nature during the Jomon period.


5000-year old artifacts found nearby indicate that the Sarashina area was home to a thriving Jomon-era village. Located at the base of Kamuriki Mountain and along side the Chikuma River, the community here lived in harmony with the plants and animals of the mountain and river. At Sarashina no Sato, through various activities you can experience how the Jomon lived (starting a fire by rubbing sticks) and played (carving a stone into a pendant). Displays in the historical museum and interperative video give further insight into Jomon culture.


  • 20
  • 4
  • Attendant required.
9:00-17:00. Last entrance 16:30.
Closed Mondays (or next day if holiday) and day after holidays (except if weekend).
Cost / Price of Admission
200 (children free) for entrance. Activities from 0 (fire making) to 200-500 for pendant making.
Time Required
Required, Not required(For groups of 5 or more, 2 weeks in advance. Telephone with name, contact number, number of people, and what activity.)
# of Participants
1-150 (for groups of 40 or more, everyone will take turns doing the activities
Luggage Storage
Not Available


Parties of more than 40 may be split into separate groups.
Limited English explanation but activities described with body language and the videos are fairly self-explanatory. Jomon Festival held the 4th Sunday of October. Nearby Kamuriki Mountain is also known as Obasute Mountain of the legend where the Oba (old ladies) are Sute'd (thrown away). 2nd video at the Historical Museum tells the moral.


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Access / Location

By Train
From Obasute Station(JR Shinonoi Line), 30 min. 2.5km walk. Head southeast from station and follow Route 338 down until sign (approx. 2.3km, before Sarashina Elem. School).
By Car
From Sakaki IC, 20 min
From Koshoku IC, Go south on Route 18. Turn right on to Route 340 (Usawa signal). Cross the bridge and turn left at Yawata Tsuji signal on to route 77. Look for signs (approx. 20 min.).
247-1 Haneo, Chikuma 389-0812

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