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Chikuma River Fish Cuisine
Miyairi Tsukeba : 宮入つけば

River Fish Cuisine at a Simple Shack along the Chikuma River.

Northern Nagano


Do you like eating river fish? I mean really, really like it? And does the idea of eating river fish in a simple shack along side the river from where the fish came sound appealing? Then perhaps you should try a “Tsukeba” fish shack like Miyairi Tsukeba along the Chikuma River where you can eat a course featuring local fish like "haya" and "ayu".


Tsukeba fish shacks are a unique feature of the region along the Chikuma River. They dot the river from as far upstream as Saku, and downstream as far as Matsushiro. Traditionally, ‘tsukeba’ describes a place (‘ba’), actually a rocky mound in the river, where a river fish called ‘haya’ comes (‘tsuke’) to nest. They are caught by a net and typically skewered and grilled over a flame. Tsukeba have evolved to also include bait and other services for people fishing for ‘ayu’ sweetfish later in the season, and some Tsukeba also operate as restaurants where guests can enjoy a multiple-course meal featuring river fish prepared in various ways. Be warned: because permanent structures are not allowed to be built along the river bank, by necessity Tsukeba fish shacks tend to be just that — simple, unglamorous shacks


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Lunch 11:00-14:30, Dinner 17:00-20:00 Apr. 1st thru Jun. 30th
Mid-Apr. to late Oct.
Cost / Price of Admission
Courses start at 2,500
Time Required
1 hour
Required(Only required for groups of 5+ (min. 1 day in advance))
# of Participants
1 +


The owner, Miyairi-san, doesn't speak English but will enthusiastically use body language. During spring, Miyairi-san uses a net to catch 'haya' in the river alongside his shack. If the timing is right, guests can experience throwing the net, too.


tel : +81(0)26-275-3197

Access / Location

By Train
From Togura Station (Shinano Railway), Walk out to Route 18 (Togura Station signal) and turn left. Walk south 250m to the Togura signal and turn right onto Route 55. Go west 500m to the levee road (Taisho Bashi signal) and turn right. Tsukeba shack will be on the left across from the middle school. (Approx. 15 min. on foot) **Note: Levee road is narrow so walk with caution.
By Car
From Sakaki IC, Follow Route 91 down 1.4km to Route 18 and turn left. Proceed north 6.4km to the Togura Signal and turn left onto Route 55. Go west 500m to the levee road (Taisho Bashi signal) and turn right. Tsukeba shack is on the left.
2880 Togura , Chikuma  389-0821

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