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Tsugaike Nature Park : 栂池自然園

A 1900 meter Altitude Treasure-Trove of Alpine Flowers

Matsumoto/Northern Alps


Ride a ski lift up to this high alpine meadow with panoramic views of the Hakuba Mountain Range. Creamy-white “mizubasho” (skunk cabbage) flowers in the spring, a myriad of alpine flowers blooming in the summer, and amazing foliage colors in the fall, transitioning to world-class skiing in the winter make Tsugaike enjoyable all 4 seasons.


  •  The Mizubasho Marsh is wheelchair accessible.
Hours :
Date(s) :
Operates daily from 1-Jun. thru 03-Nov. 
Entrance Price :
Adults 300, Children 250 
Time Required :
3-4 hours to walk the full length. 1 hour course also available. 
Reservations :
Not required 
Luggage Storage :


Private cars are not allowed up to the Tsugaike Nature Park. Visitors can
take the Tsugaike Panorama Way chairlift. Cars can be parked at Tsugaike Kogen's Chuo (Central) lot, Dai-ichi (No.1) or Dai-ni (No.2) parking lots.
Telephone No. is for Tsugaike Mountain Lodge.


tel : +81(0)261-83-3113 Tsugaike Mountain Lodge (栂池山荘)   fax : +81(0)261-82-3988   e-mail   Official site


By Train
From Nagano Station(JR Hokuriku(Nagano) Shinkansen), Take the Alpico express bus bound for Hakuba and get off at the Tsugaike stop, approx. 90 min. From Minami Otari Station on the JR Oito Line, take the town bus or taxi, approx. 25 min. From the Tsugaike Kogen Bus Stop via the Tsugaike Panorama Way chairlift, approx. 40 min.
By Car
From Nagano IC, via Route 18 and the Hakuba Olympic Highway, then Route 148, approx. 90 min. From the Tsugaike Kogen parking log via the Tsugaike Panorama Way chairlift.
From Azumino IC, via the Northern Alps Panorama Highway and Route 148, approx. 1 hour 50 min. From the Tsugaike Kogen parking log via the Tsugaike Panorama Way chairlift.
12883-1 Chikuni-otsu, Otari, Kitaazumi 399-9422

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