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Kiso-Fukushima 'Furusato Taikenkan' Activities Hall

The Place to Experience Kiso Valley's Distinct Culture

Kiso River Valley


Located in an old wooden schoolhouse in tucked in between mountains in the scenic Kiso River Valley, the Activities Hall offers a full menu of activities to experience the area's distinct culture and traditions. Options include cooking classes to make some local dishes, traditional craftwork, forestry and agriculture-related activities, interpretive nature walks, history lessons and more.
The on-site restaurant "Shiki" (Four Seasons) offers soba noodles made from freshly-ground buckwheat grown in Kiso as well as the local specialty, bite-sized 'gohei-mochi' sticky rice grilled with a sweet sauce made from 'egoma' grown in the Activity Hall's garden.
The wide range of activities appeal to children and adults alike.


  •  60 people
  •  Wheel chair accessible entrance.
Hours :
09:30-16:30 (register by 15:00 for the activities) 
Date(s) :
Closed Wednesdays as well as during the winter. 
Cost / Price of Admission :
Varies by activity. (For example, soba-making lessons are 1200 yen per person minimum 3 people.) 
Time Required :
30 min-2 hours 
Reservations :
Luggage Storage :
Not Available 


# of participants possible depends on the activity but many of the cooking, carpentry and craftwork activities can handle large groups. For example, the soba noodle making can accommodate up to 60 participants.


tel : +81(0)264-27-1011   fax : +81(0)264-27-1012   e-mail   


By Train
From Kiso Fukushima Station (JR Chuo Line), 20 minutes by bus.
By Car
From Ina IC, 36km, approx. 45 minutes.
From Nakatsugawa IC, 66km, approx. 75 minutes.
6959 Shinkai, Kiso, Kiso 397-0002

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