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Soba-Uchi (Making Buckwheat Noodles) at Soba Mecca Kaida Kogen
Soba Doraku Taiken Dojo : そば道楽体験道場 

Make Soba Noodles by Hand in Kaida Kogen, Buckwheat Paradise at Mt. Ontake.

Kiso River Valley


Nagano is famous for soba noodles. You'll find soba restaurants wherever you go. But the most delicious soba noodles are: the ones you make your self! Learn how to prepare the buckwheat flour, kneed it, roll it flat, fold it, and use the special soba knife to cut the thin noodles. Afterwards, see how to cook the noodles and then delight in eating your creation!


Within soba-crazy Nagano Prefecture, Kaida Kogen is a soba Mecca. The high elevation is perfectly suitable for growing buckwheat, the main ingredient in soba noodles. Because of the high elevation, their tends to be a big difference between nighttime and daytime temperatures, perfect for growing soba. And in the summer, the area is often shrouded in fog -- another condition for growing delicious soba. Soba-related heritage is so strong here that the locals believe only a lady who has learned how to do 'soba-uchi' (making buckwheat noodles) will be a good wife.
So take your friends and family and come experience making soba noodles at the source by a local soba master, at Kaida Kogen Ippongi-tei. Their purpose-built soba-uchi studio was constructed in 2004.


  • 32 people
10:00-15:00 (-14:00 in winter) Soba lessons offered at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00 with other times possible on an as-available basis.
Wednesdays from Apr. to Nov.
Open daily in Aug.
Cost / Price of Admission
1,500 per person.
Time Required
1 hour
Foreign Languages
(Explanation using body language.)
Luggage Storage
Not Available


For an extra charge, tempura can be added. Soba-uchi tools available for purchase. For more fun, the adjacent ranch offers horseback riding.


tel : +81(0)264-42-3225Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Kiso-Fukushima Station(JR Chuo Line), Take Ontake Bus bound for Kaida Kogen and get off at the Kiso Uma no Sato stop (40 min) + 10 min walk.
By Car
From Ina IC, via the Gonbee Pass Tunnel, 40km (approx. 45 min)
5552-8  Suekawa, Kaida Kogen, Kiso, Kiso 397-0301

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