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Takato Castle Site Park Cherry Blossoms
Takato Castle Site Park : 高速城址公園

Castle Remains Surrounded by Pink Cherry Blossoms in Early April.

Southern Nagano


The remains of hilltop Takato Castle surrounded by a cacophony of beautiful sakura -- that's Takato Castle Site Park, awash in the soft reddish pink of the Takato-kohigan cherry blossoms in April. These one-of-a-kind blossoms are slightly more petite than the usual someyoshi variety, and have a distinctive pink color. The park's 1500 trees attract visitors from all over Japan and from abroad as well for their blossoms.


Perched on a cliff above the confluence of the Mibu and Yamamura Rivers with the Chuo Alps in the background, Takato Castle attracts 250,000 vistiors in April to see the over 1,500 flowering cherry trees. The castle park's trees are a unique variety called Takato Kohigan sakura (Prunus subhirtella) with petals that are daintier and more of a reddish tint than common blossoms.


  • 300
  • 80
8:00-17:00. During peak blossom period, hours are 6:00-22:00 with the trees lit up at night from sunset to 22:00. Note: Last entrance is 21:30.
Park open daily during the festival that runs the month of Apr. Peak blossom dates vary but tend to be mid-Apr.
Cost / Price of Admission
500 (250 for elementary and middle school students) during the festival.
Time Required
1 hour
Not required
Foreign Languages
English, Chinese, Korean (Brochures available in English, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) and Korean. Park announcements made in English and Chinese. )
Luggage Storage
Not Available


Expect crowds with the cherry blossoms.


tel : +81(0)265-94-2557 公園管理事務所Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Inashi Station(JR Iida Line), take the JR bus to the Takato Eki stop, then 15 min on foot. During the festival, shuttle buses operate.
By Car
From Ina IC, Take Route 87 east 2.7km to Route 153 and turn right. Proceed south 1km to Irifune signal and turn left on to Route 361. Travel east 10km to the castle park. (Total 14.0km, 25 min.)
From Suwa IC, 31 km / 50 min
2295 Higashi Takato, Takato, Ina 396-0213

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