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Hyakuso herbal medicine factory tour
Hinoseiyaku Factory : 日野製薬

Tour the Factory of Natural Herbal Medicine Maker Hyakuso.

Kiso River Valley


Take a tour of the pharmaceutics maker Hino-Seiyaku Corporation's factory and see how the gastrointestinal medicine “Hyakuso” steeped in the natural heritage of Mt. Ontake is made.


Located in Kiso Town at the base of Mt. Ontake, pharmaceutics manufacturer Hino-Seiyaku Corporation makes a herbal gastrointestinal medicine called Hyakuso. Supposedly having the power of one hundred (“hyaku”) medicinal herbs (“so”), Hyakuso utilizes the effectiveness of Phellodendron Bark to treat stomach disorders. Archaeologists have found remains of Phellodendron Bark preserved in clay pots discovered at prehistoric Jomon-era sites in the area, indicating it is the oldest herbal medicine in Japan. With its distinct bitter taste and mystique as a miracle cure for stomach and intestinal problems, Hyakuso gained in popularity with the pilgrims climbing Mt. Ontake since the Edo era and its use spread from there. Recently, Hyakuso is gaining attention by people interested in natural, self-medicating alternatives to modern medicine.
At Hino-Seiyaku Corp.’s factory, you can see how this gastrointestinal medicine is made and packaged. There is also a display showing the history of herbal medicines in relation to Mt. Ontake.


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Contact in advance to make an appointment. Closed Weekends, holidays and around New Years.
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Staff doesn't speak English but facilities/ displays are fairly self-explanatory. Tour includes a video presentation about the company and about the making of the herbal medicine. Free sample of Hyakuso included with tour.


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Access / Location

By Train
From Yabuhara Station(JR Chuo Line), Go south and cross behind the station and proceed north on Route 26 for 1200m. Turn left, cross bridge, at "T" (Kiso Elementary School), turn right. Factory will be on the left in 200m. (20 min on foot)
By Car
From Ina IC, From Ina IC, take Route 87 then Route 361 towards Kiso. Proceed on to Route 19 (the main Kiso Valley highway) towards Matsumoto then at the Yabuhara intersection, turn on to Route 26 and go north 1.4km then turn left. Cross bridge, at "T" (Kiso Elementary School), turn right. Factory will be on the left in 200m. (Approx. 50 min. total. from the Expressway.)
From Shiojiri IC, Take Route 20 towards Kiso then Route 19 to the Yabuhara intersection and proceed as above.
1598  Yabuhara, Kiso, Kiso 399-6201

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