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Tenryu River Boat Tour
Tenryu Fune Kudari Co., Inc. : 天竜舟下り株式会社

Ride the Rapids of the Tenryu River’s Mid-Stretch with Traditionally-Garbed Guides.

Southern Nagano


Thrilling ride down the mid-stretch of the mighty Tenryu River in a boat staffed by guides in traditional garb. Wildlife, waves and wonderful fun awaits.


One of two boat tours down the Tenryu River, the "Funa-Kudari" Boat Tour travels the relatively wilder mid-stretch of the river. Guides wearing happi coats and traditional bamboo 'kasa' hats steer the boats down the rapids, pointing out wildlife and explaining the area's history to guests. Boats are covered for riding during cold and/or inclement weather.


  • 100
  • 20
  • 200 people
  • In Waiting Room.
  • Attendant required.
Departures 9:30 and hourly 10:00-16:00 (-15:00 Nov.; 10:00 and by appt. Dec-mid Mar.)
Operates Daily 3/20-11/30.
Cost / Price of Admission
¥2,400 (¥1,200 for elementary school children)
Time Required
1 hour
Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard, Amex
Recommended (Required in winter). Telephone, fax or e-mail with your name, contact number, requested date and time and number of people.
# of Participants
Foreign Languages
Chinese (English and Chinese pamphlets available. )
Luggage Storage


Time Required (60 min) includes 35 minutes riding the boat + 20 min riding the shuttle bus back.
Access by car from nearest expressway interchange is not so convenient. Access by train is most convenient by taxi from Iida Station which has the most frequent service.
In winter, service available by reservation for groups of 10+. Boats heated by 'kotatsu' (table with a heating element on its underside).
Parking at upper station is 400 yen. Free return shuttle. Parking at upper station 400 yen. Lower station is within walking distance from Tokimata Station on the JR Iida Line.


tel : +81(0)265-24-3345fax : +81(0)265-23-3976Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Ina Yawata Station (JR Iida Line),  (non-Express trains only), 5 min by taxi. From Iida Station, 15 min by taxi. From Tenryukyo Station, 20 min by taxi. (All stations on the JR Iida Line.)
By Car
From Iida IC, Take Route 153 (Apple Road Iida) east 4.4km to the Agemizo IC and take exit. Proceed 2 lights to Route 18 (Ina Kaido Highway, 永代橋 signal) and turn right. Proceed 1.8km to Bentenbashi-Nishi signal and continue straight as road turns into Route 232. Follow around the curve to first signal (Matsuo Arai intersection) and turn left, then first left. (Total 20 minutes.)
7170 Arai, Matsuo, Iida  395-0821

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