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Learn How to Make Oyaki Dumplings at Ogawa Village
Ogawa-no-Sho Oyaki Village : 小川の庄 おやき村

Venture to Ogawa Village, the Oyaki Heartland, to Make Dumplings.

Northern Nagano


Ogawa Village, designated one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, is considered by some to be where oyaki originated from. At the Ogawa no Sho Oyaki-mura restaurant, you can learn how to make oyaki dumplings by roasting them over coals at a hearth as well as enjoy eating them afterwards.


Northern Nagano's soul food, 'oyaki', is basically a flour dumpling filled with various vegetables mixed with miso paste and soy sauce for seasoning. The fillings vary with the locale and season but typical examples are eggplant, squash, leafy vegetables, northern Nagano's favorite pickled vegetable called 'nozawana', and others. There are even dessert versions stuffed with sweet adzuki bean paste or apple. Originally roasted in coals in an 'irori' hearth, nowadays the cooking method tends to be fried, steamed, fried-then-steamed, or other modern ways. When in Nagano, especially the northern area, be sure to try eating 'oyaki'. And to get more out of your visit, how about trying to making the dumplings yourself?


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Closed Mondays or, if Monday falls on a national holiday then closed the next day.
Cost / Price of Admission
Time Required
30 min-1 hour
Required(Drop-ins welcome as long as the shop isn't crowded. Reservations required for groups.)
Foreign Languages
English (Picture menu available.)


Price includes making 2 oyaki dumplings.
Depending on the time, reservations may not be necessary. (Reservations are required for groups.)


tel : +81(0)26-269-3767Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Nagano Station(JR Joetsu Shinkansen), Take the Kawanakajima Bus Co. route to Takafu or Hatsuhiki, getting off at the Takafu stop (57 min., 12 runs daily). From bus stop, 5 min. by taxi.
By Car
From Nagano IC, Take Route 19 west to Route 31. Proceed 5.2km and turn right. Oyaki-mura is 100m in. (23.6km, 40 min.)
6937  Takafu, Ogawa, Kamiminochi 381-3302

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