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Komagatake Ropeway to Senjojiki Cirque
Chuo Alps Komagatake Ropeway : 中央アルプス駒ヶ岳ロープウェイ

Ascend to the High-Alpine Senjojiki Cirque with Ease via the Komagatake Ropeway.

Southern Nagano


Get whisked up to 2600m altitude in a 61-passenger ropeway car to the Senjojiki Cirque, a bowl just below the top of Mt. Komagatake. Carved by glaciers some 20,000 years ago, the cirque is the breadth of 1000 tatami mats, hence its name "Senjojiki". Senjojiki Cirque is a treaure trove of alpine flowers set amongst the towering peaks of the Central Alps.


The Komagatake Ropeway has the largest elevation gain (950 meters, from 1662m Shirabidaira Station to 2,612m Senjojiki Station) in Japan, and its upper reach has the highest altitude of any ropeway stations in Japan. From the station, it is an easy walk to explore the Senjojiki Cirque, a bowl-like depression near the top of Mt. Komagatake. The spacious cirque ("senjojiki" means "1000-tatami mats") is home to a plethora of alpine flowers. Normally such high-altitude wilderness can only be accessed via a strenuous climb, but the Komagatake Ropeway will take you there with ease. From the upper station, it is a vigorous but manageable (even for beginners) 2 hour hike to reach the top of 2,956-meter Mount Komagatake. Get a tast of the grandeur of the Japanese Alps with the help of the Komagatake Ropeway!


  • 1,000
  • 40
8:00-17:00 with some variation depending on the season. Operation starts as early as 06:00 in summer and latest 9:05 in winter; ends as early as 15:55 in winter and as late as 17:00 in summer. 30 min intervals in green season, 60 minute intervals in winter.
Operates year-round except in case of severe weather. Occasionally closed for maintenance.
Cost / Price of Admission
Ropeway return ticket 2,260 for adults, 1,130 for children under 12
(Bus fare is separate.)
Time Required
30 min (Bus) + 8 min (Ropeway) + minimum 30 min at the top, then return.
Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay
Not required
# of Participants
Foreign Languages
(Inside the bus and ropeway car, announcements are made in English, Chinese and Korean.)
Luggage Storage


Basic English signage. Discount for foreigners with passport.
Expect long lines during peak times, especially summer vacation. There are hiking courses suitable for beginners around Senjojiki Cirque. However, mountain weather can change unexpectedly. Dress accordingly.


tel : +81(0)265-83-3107fax : +81(0)265-83-4537Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Komagane Station(JR Chuo Line), (By train) Take bus bound for Shirabi-daira Ropeway Station (1,030, 45 min).
(By Highway Bus) Take bus bound for Shirabi-daira Ropeway Station (950, 35 min)
By Car
From Komagane IC, Take Route 75 up (west) to Suganodaira Bus Center (2km, 3 min) and park. Then take bus to Shirabidaira Station (820, 30 min) and Ropeway to Senjojiki Station.
759-489  Akaho, Komagane 399-4117

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