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Kimono & Ninja Costume Rental Shop
Hanakomichi : 花こみち

Take a one-of-a-kind stroll in a kimono, ninja costume, or samurai armor through the castle town of Matsumoto!

Matsumoto/Northern Alps


At Hanakomichi, you can rent kimono (traditional Japanese wear), ninja costumes, or samurai armor and helmet. It is located on the way to Matsumoto Castle. A professional dresses you in your favorite kimono or ninja wear in about only 15 minutes. Afterwards, you can walk to the castle in just 5 minutes to take photos.

Kimono & yukata: take a one-of-a-kind stroll in a kimono through the castle town of Matsumoto. Bring your 1-Day Passport to the places on the map for some great specials.

Ninja Costumes: did you know that a ninja actually worked at Matsumoto Castle? Kurozaemon Akutagawa served there from 1732 to 1810. Explore a real castle while dressed as a ninja!

Authentic samurai armor & helmet: try on a symbol of Japan’s Warring States period at Matsumoto Castle. The light-weight version will let you keep the armor on all day. Become a Japanese Warrior in Matsumoto!


Monday & Tuesday
Cost / Price of Admission
Kimono: 2 hours ¥5,000 / All day ¥7,000 / Overnight ¥8,500
Ninja costumes: All day ¥3,900 / Overnight ¥4,900
Samurai armor: All day ¥9,900
Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, Alipay, WeChat Pay
Not required(Reservation is not required if you are an individual or a group of several people.)
Foreign Languages


tel : +81(0)80-3917-8753Official site

Access / Location

By Train
From Matsumoto(JR Chuo Line), 10 min walk
By Car
From Matsumoto IC, 
2th floor, 3-5-13 Ote, Matsumoto 390-0874

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