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'Temari' Handball Workshop
Matsumoto Temari Handball Workshop : 松本手まり体験教室

A Symbol of Matsumoto, Make a Temari Ball as a Momento of your Stay.

Matsumoto/Northern Alps


Learn how to make one of Matsumoto City's symbols, a 'temari' handball, out of embroidery yarn,


One of the legends of historical castle-town Matsumoto is that over 200 years ago a wife of the ruling samurai lord made the first ‘temari’ handball. At first, the little balls made out of odds and ends of silk yarn were popular as basic toys for little girls to play with. Later, they became representations of peace and harmony between families, as something brides brought presented to the groom’s family. Today, ‘temari’ handballs are beloved as good luck tokens. At one of Takagi’s ‘temari’ workshops, you can learn how to make one yourself .


  •  3
  •  Use the Otemon Municipal Parking Lot
  •  24 people
Hours :
Date(s) :
Open daily. (Closed 01-Jan.) 
Cost / Price of Admission :
1,860 per person, minimum 4 people. For less then 4 people, minimum 7,440 charged.  
Time Required :
3 hours 
Reservations :
Required(Required 1 week prior. Contact via e-mail with name, requested date and time, and # of people.) 
# of Participants :
4+ (See note above)  
Foreign Languages :
English (Interpreter required.) 
Luggage Storage :


tel : +81(0)263-32-5337   fax : +81(0)263-32-5533   Official site


By Train
From Matsumoto Station(JR Shinonoi Line), Take Route 143 east to Route 295 (Fukashi 2-chome signal) and turn left. Shop is 2 blocks before the castle on the left. (1km, 13 min. on foot)
By Car
From Matsumoto IC, Take Route 158 east to Route 295 and turn left (Chuo 2-chome signal) and turn left. Shop is 2 blocks before the castle on the left. (3km, 8 min.)
3-5-12 Ote, Matsumoto 390-0874

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