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About us

About Us

"Unique Nagano" is brought to you by the Nagano Inbound to Japan aka NINJA Project. We are a non-profit organization, a team of people connected to the tourism industry. We want to share our enthusiasm for all the attractions Nagano offers for you to see and interact with Japan's traditional side.

「ユニーク長野」は、Nagano lnbound to Japan Project(通称NINJA Project)が運営しています。私たちは観光産業に従事するバイリンガルのメンバーで構成するNPO(非営利組織)で、「日本の伝統文化に富んだ長野県の素晴らしさを、ぜひ外国の皆さんに知ってもらいたい」という熱い思いをもって活動しています。

NINJA Project (Non Profit Organization)

Tsuchiya Bd. 1293 Toigosho, Tsuruga,
Nagano City,JAPAN
Tel.and Fax.+81-26-219-3598(English&Japanese)

TEL/FAX 026-219-3598

Nagano Prefectural Government, Tourism Department
Nagano Prefecture Ryokan Hotel Association


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Tyler Lynch -Project Leader-
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