Unique Nagano

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Nagano Shimizuya Ryokan

Traditional Ryokan 5-min Walk from Zenkoji Temple

Cafe Satowa

New Style 'Michi-no-Eki' Road Station Serving Breakfast, too.

Nishi-Itoya in Kamikochi

Foreigner-friendly lodge in the heart of the Kamikochi basin.

Karuizawa Torimikura

Poultry Restaurant boasting Local-Sourcing and Local-Cuisine.

Jam-Making and Jam Factory Tour

Learn How to Make Jam From a Professional

Takamine Onsen "Lamp Inn"

Romantic “Oil Lamp”-themed inn located at 2000 m featuring a panoramic “Above-the-Clouds” Bath.

Auberge Tsutsuji to Kaede in Tateshina

Auberge Restaurant-Inn featuring an open-air onsen bath.

Yumoto Saito-Ryokan in Shirahone

Grand, historical ryokan featuring Shirahone’s unique milky-white onsen water.

Narai-juku Post Town

"Narai of a Thousand Houses" -- Longest Post Town in all of Japan.

Ishii Miso Factory

Matsumoto’s Famous Maker of Aged Miso

Aratojo Castle Historical Park

Hilltop Fortress from the Warring States Era

Okaya Silk Museum “Silk Fact Okaya”

Silk Museum Adjacent to an Actual Operating Silk Factory

St. Cousair's Winery & Vineyards

“Country Comfort” Winery and Garden Terrace

Shinano Wine (Winery Tour)

Third Generation Winery

Former Mikasa Hotel

Karuizawa's Landmark Japanese-built “Western” Hotel

Shiraito Waterfall

70 meter-Wide Sylvan Waterfall

St. Paul Catholic Church

Romantic Chapel Vestige of Karuizawa’s Missionary Roots

Shaw Memorial Church

Oldest Church in Karuizawa Memorializing the Resort Town’s Founding Father


The Iconic Main Street of Old Karuizawa.

Oiwake-juku Post Town

Historical Crossroads Post Town Popular with Literary Scholars

Katakurakan Bath House

Historical Roman-themed Bath House

Nozawa Onsen Sparina

Year-Round Bath House with Onsen Pool

Tsugaike Nature Park

A 1900 meter Altitude Treasure-Trove of Alpine Flowers

Yanagi-Machi Post Town

The Past Meets the Present in Ueda City’s Historical Post Town

Ryokan Sugimoto in Matsumoto's Utsukushigahara Onsen

3-Story Wooden Inn featuring jazz music and folk craft touches.

Hakuba's Hotel Goryukan

At the foot of the Happone Ski Area. Unbeatable meals and onsen baths.

Hotel Kisoji in Nagiso

Onsen Resort Hotel embracing the history and natural beauty of the Kiso Region.

Ryokan Biyu no Yado

Located in the heart of Yudanaka Onsen, Convenient to the Snow Monkeys.

Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga

Natural construction complementing the location high in Oku-Shiga Kogen Mountains.

K’s House Hakuba Alps

Reasonably priced lodging with full amenities.

Yoshino-tei on the Tenryu River

Secluded Inn Overlooking the Tenryu River


Indigo dye-themed hotel featuring traditional kaiseki-style dinners.

Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort at Shirakaba Lake

Full-scale Family Resort Offering a Hassle-Free Stay.

Chanko Cuisine Tamaya

Reasonably-Priced Healthy "Chanko" Stews.

Karuizawa Meiji-tei

Unbearably Delicious Sauce Katsu-don.

Chuo Alps Tozan-Guchi Meiji-tei

At the Base of the Chuo Alps, Sauce-Katsu with their own Original Sauce.

Zenkoji Temple

The Legendary Temple at the Heart of Nagano City

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Vast Outlet Shopping Mall in Nagano’s Great Outdoors

Fujioto Ryokan in Tsumago

Historical Ryokan Boasting a Traditional Japanese Garden.

Keigetsu in Hirugami Onsen

Traditional Japanese Inn with Accents of Local Wood Furnishings Throughout.

Hakuba Yamano-Hotel

Stylish Hotel Adjacent to the Happoone Ski Area Opposite the Olympic Ski Jump.

Hakuba Onsen Ryokan Shirouma-So

Award-Winning Mountain Resort Ryokan

Ryokan Shikisai no Yado KANOE

Quiet Japanese-style Hotel in a Pastoral Setting Far from Civilization.

Kisoji-inn Daikichi

Small Inn Featuring Warm Wood Touches in a Relaxing Natural Setting.

Hotel Hakuba Berg House

Recently Remodeled Ski Lodge with Views of the Hakuba Mountain Range.

Shimaya Ryokan

Renowned Heartfelt Friendly Service Proudly Providing True Japanese Ryokan Hospitality.

Echigoya Ryokan in Narai-Juku

Immerse in an Edo-era Inn in Edo-era Post Town Narai-juku

Sugadaira Kogen Onsen Hotel

Sport (Ski, Rugby) and Relaxation Onsen Resort.

Hakuba Mominoki Hotel

Government-registered Luxury Resort Hotel Featuring an Onsen Outdoor Bath.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa

“Discover the Ultimate Japan Experience”

Candela Guest House in Matsumoto

Hideaway Located in a Remodeled Miso Warehouse 5 min from Matsumoto Castle.

Hotel Shoho in Matsumoto's Utsukushigahara Onsen

Matsumoto City – Utsukushigahara Onsen’s Landmark Accommodation.

Matsumoto BackPackers

Guesthouse in a Typical Japanese Residence Minutes from Matsumoto Castle & Station.

Izumiya Ryokan in Reisenji Onsen

Simple Onsen Inn Secluded in the Hills in Reisenji Onsen

Ryukyo-tei on the Tenryu River

Hotel Perched on a Cliff above the Picturesque Tenryu Gorge

Oyado Iseya in Narai-Juku

Friendly Service and Delicious Kiso Home Cooking.


International Resort Hotel Fashioned after a European Mountain Lodge, at Hakuba’s Mt. Happoone.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Matsumoto

Art-Filled Inn Featuring a Blend of Traditional and Modern Japanese Design.

Tokusawa-en in Kamikochi

Base for Climbing the Northern Alps, or Rest Stop While Walking the Kamikochi Basin.

Tsutaya in Kiso-Fukushima

Relaxing Hotel Awash in the History of the Old Kiso Road.

Vent Vert

French Country-style Auberge in Quaint Obuse

Kamikochi Imperial Hotel

Built in 1933, Japan’s First Mountain Lodge.

Address Nozawa

Boutique Apartment Hotel Featuring a Stylish Blend of Japanese and Western Design.

Kawamotoya Ryokan

Modern Japanese-Styled Hotel with Natural Onsen in the Heart of Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya

Hotel Overlooking the Nozawa Onsen Village.

Hakuba Springs Hotel

Small Hotel with a Big Heart at the Base of Happo-One in the Northern Japanese Alps.

Hotaka View Hotel

Resort Hotel at the Base of the Northern Japanese Alps.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Alps in Omachi

Hoshino Resort’s “Japanese Countryside”-themed Inn in Omachi.

Tsumago's Ryokan Matsushiroya

Two Century-old Inn Featuring Traditional Cuisine in Historical Tsumago-juku.

Hotel La Neige Higashi-kan in Hakuba

Hakuba’s Small, Luxurious Hotel in the Woods.

Nabekura Kogen(Heights) Mori no Ie

Wooden Cottages in Nabekura’s Beech Forest.

Hotel Espoir Misawa at Tsugaike

Adjacent to the Tsugaike ski slope At the base of Hakuba Mtn.

Guesthouse Kura

International Guesthouse in a Renovated Historical House in "Storehouse Town" Suzaka.

Karuizawa's Cottage inn Log-Cabin

Log Cabin in the Woods -- Best Way to Enjoy Karuizawa's Nature.

Zenkoji Fuchinobo

Temple Lodging along Zenkoji's Main Approach, Famous for Vegetarian Shojin Cuisine.

Karuizawa Prince Hotels

More Than Just a Place to Stay, a Myriad of Activities to Enjoy.

Oumei-tei Tsuji Ryokan

Togakushi Inn Famous for Soba (Buckwheat) Kaiseki Meals

Matsumoto's Ryokan (Hotel) Marumo

"Dozo" Storehouse-styled Inn Steeped in Matsumoto's Castle Town Ambience.

Happo Bijin

One Bowl Is All It Takes to Totally Enjoy Hakuba: Go-Tochi (Local) Ramen.

Ohyokkuri Happo Honten

Grandma's Hakuba Homestyle Cooking.

Soba Kurumaya

Classic Kiso Hand-made Soba Shop with a 300-Year History.

Au Crieur de Vin

Casual French Cuisine.

Kita-Alps Bokujyo

Great-Tasting Dairy from Cows Growing in Azumino's Natural Wonder.

The Pub

Hakuba's Authentic English Pub with Darts and Pool.

Izakaya Kaz

Stylish Modern Izakaya Featuring Teppanyaki Grill and Sushi.

Shara Japanese Restaurant

Locally-Run Restaurant Serving Sushi, Tempura, Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki.

The Beach Bar

Southern Tropical Beach-Themed Bar in the Hakuba's Wadano neighborhood.


Coffee Shop in a Storehouse Built in 1888, With a Japanese Garden.

Restaurant Kamakura-mura

Winter Fairy Tale-Like Igloo Restaurant.

Restaurant ST. COUSAIR

European-Style Restaurant Overlooking a Field of Wine Grapes.

Cafe Levian Table & Tatami-Cafe Eboshi

Artisan Bakery in a Sake Warehouse.

Bistro Matsushima-tei

Historical Post Town Building Reborn as Italian.

Oni no Kuriya

Oven-steamed Rice Dishes at a Road Station with Onsen.

Soba Kaya

Authentic Soba Noodles in an Edo-era Thatched Roof Building.

Ramen Kameya

Feel At Home with Kameya's Locally-Sourced Ramen.

Sen no Mizu

Heart-warming Nostalgic Home-style Cooking.

Cafe Waraku

Pasta & Pancakes in a 'Kura' Storehouse.


Popular Soba and other Japanese Dishes at Reasonable Prices.

Akaneya Coffee

Cafe Where Every Menu Item is an Original.


Simply Hakuba's Best Sushi.


Secluded Sweets Shop Hidden in a Garden by Mystical Kosuge Shrine.

Soba Agare-ya

Stone-milled Soba Eaten Around a Hearth.

Soba Tokkuriya

Handmade Japanese Cuisine in and Edo-era Post Town.

Teisyaba Garden

Tea Time in a Community Flower Garden.

Bakery Cafe SWEET in Nawate

Matsumoto's Old-Time Bakery Cafe.

Say (Soan Annex Zama) in Nakamachi

Soan's Location in Matsumoto's Historical Nakamachi District.

Ajari Cafe

Home of the Popular Ajari Burger.

Soba Hojyo-an

Locally Grown and Milled "Homecoming Soba".

Shabu-shabu Log-tei

Wagyu dining in Karuizawa's forest.

Farm Restaurant Tomato no Ki

Buffet-style Restaurant with Views of the Southern Alps.


Folkcraft-themed Coffee Shop for Coffee Enthusiasts.

RAKO Hananoi Hotel at Lake Suwa

Luxurious, Relaxing Lakeside Hotel.

Matsumoto's Hotel Buena Vista

Matsumoto's Landmark City Hotel.

Straw Craft Making

Deep Snow Country Iiyama's Wintertime Activity: Straw Craft Making.

Wintertime Family Fun at a Snow Park

Exclusive Snow Park 1 Minute Walk from this Shirakaba Lake Hotel.

Outdoor Family Fun at a Lakeside Amusement Park

Amusement Park and Adventure in the Great Outdoors Beside Shirakaba Lake.

Alpine Yoga

Yoga Training in the Midst of the Hakuba Mountains.

Flying Squirrel Watching Tour

Twilight Forest Walk to See Flying Squirrels.

Snow Shoe Trekking in the Nabekura Beech Forest

Frollick with Snow Shoes in Nabekura's Powder Snow.

Tea Time in Nabekura's Beech Forest

Go Trekking for a Picnic in Nabekura's Beech Forest.

Hotel Tangram

All-in-One Resort Hotel Offereing Year-Round Enjoyment

Volunteer Guide Tours in Ueda

Have a Volunteer English Guide Show You Ueda's Castle Town!

Working Farm with Hands-On Activities

Fruit Picking, Farm & Cultural Activities on a Full Scale Farm -- Fun for the Whole Family.

Fruit Picking at a Full-Scale Orchard in Shiojiri

Large-Scale Orchard Boasting Magical Varieties of Grapes.

Izutsu Wine (Winery)

Winery with a View of the Northern Alps, Surrounded by Picturesque Vineyards

Kita Yatsugatake Ropeway

Travel Through the Rarefied Air Of Northern Yatsugatake Mtn. in a 100-person Ropeway Car

Unno-juku Post Town

Post Town with Distinctive Architecture and Beautiful Streetscape

Ikushima-Tarushima Shrine

Distinct Vermilion-colored Shrine in Japan's Geographic Center

Matsumoto Castle (National Treasure)

One of Japan's Finest Castles, With the Japanese Alps as a Backdrop

Nakamachi Street in Matsumoto City

Matsumoto's Commercial Street with Distinctive Black & White Contrasting Storehouses

Nawate Dori (street) in Matsumoto City

Frog Street -- Matsumoto's Edo Era-themed Shopping Street

Matsumoto City Museum of Art

Museum Featuring Works by Matsumoto's Favorite Daughter, World-Famous Yayoi Kusama.

Komoro Castle Ruins Kaikoen

Unusual "Castle in a Hole" with Beautifully Landscaped Grounds

Lake Suwa Geyser Center

Hot Spring Geyser and 7-Spring Craters

Experience Southern Nagano's Historical Past

Hands-On Activities to Experience the Historical Past of Southern Nagano.

B&B Megu House ZuKu in Suwa

Stay with the Itoh Family at their Typical Japanese House.

Chosenkaku Kameya in Shimo-Suwa

300-Year Old Inn With Famous Garden and Bath, Adjacent to Akinomiya Suwa Grand Shrine.

Togakushi Campsite

Camp in an Open Field at the Base of Picturesque Togakushi Mountain.

Ueda Mahoroba Youth Hostel in Bessho Onsen

"At-Home" Youth Hostel convenient to Bessho Onsen.

Nakadanasou in Komoro

Old-fashioned Inn, Favorite of Shimazaki Toson. A Quiet Retreat for Adults.

Guesthouse Obuse

4-Room Hotel / Tea Shop / Guide Center.

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

Full-scale "Grand Hotel" Adjacent to Nagano Station.


Iconic 4-story Wooden Ryokan in Historical Shibu Onsen


Landmark Yudanaka Onsen Ryokan with Famous Momoyama Bath and Historical Shoraiso Building

Aburaya Ryokan at Lake Suwa

Lakeside Onsen Hotel Known for Friendly Hospitality.

Nagano Dai-Ichi Hotel

Business Hotel Minutes from Nagano Station, Famous for Free Soba Noodles at Breakfast.

Hotel Beniya at Lake Suwa

Hotel Offering a Choice of Rooms, Meals and Onsen Baths.

Hotel Saginoyu at Lake Suwa

Classic Luxury at Suwa's Original Lakeside Hotel, with Distinct Amber-Colored Onsen Water.


Japanese Eatery Close to Karuizawa Sta. with Fresh Fish Straight from the Sea of Japan, Local Poultry and Wide Variety of Sake.


Natural Yeast Artisan Bread Shop in a 150-Year Old Farmhouse.


Handmade Soba Noodle Restaurant in Tsumago-juku Post Town.


Kamiyamada Onsen's Tiny Cafeteria Famous for Their Ramen and Garlic-Sauce Tonkatsu Pork.

Tsukiji-Ichiba-Syokudo Matsumoto Ekimae-ten

Lively Pub Featuring Seafood Fresh from Tokyo's Tsukiji Market.

Silk-Related Crafts

Learn about Nagano’s Silk Heritage Through Hands-on Silk Crafts.

Togura-Kamiyamada Onsen Geisha Show

30-Minute Interactive Geisha Performance.

Glass Beadwork in Azumino

Explore Azumino’s Glass Art through Bead Craftwork.

Ice Skating at M-Wave

Feel Like an Olympic Speedskater at M-Wave’s Olympic Ice Rink.

Boat Cruise of Nojiri Lake

Cruise on Northern Nagano’s Mountain Gem, Nojiri Lake.

Azumino Art Line Gallery Tour

Indulge in Art Azumino-Style by Touring the Art Line’s Galleries.

Edo Bento & Gardens at the Tanaka Residence

Eat as a Wealthy Edo-Era Merchant Did with Tanaka House’s Re-Created Edo Bento.

Go Jomon! Experience Japan's Prehistoric Era

Experience the Lifestyle of Japan’s Prehistoric Jomon Period.

Togakure-ryu Ninja Training

Sneak a Peak into the World of Ninjas be a Lesson with a Togakure-do Master!

Cherish Nagano's Countryside through Mayumi Takahashi's Doll Art

Nagano’s Country Lifestyle as Expressed by Mayumi Takahashi’s Doll Art.

Chikuma River Fish Cuisine

River Fish Cuisine at a Simple Shack along the Chikuma River.

Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles) Cooking Lesson

Learn Recipes Using Japanese Pickles at a Boutique Tsukemono Store.

Tour Tsumago's Historical Lodging

Enlightening Tour of Tsumago’s Excellently-Preserved Honjin Inn.

Walk the Old Nakasendo Between Magome and Tsumago

Walk Through Time Along this Unspoiled Stretch of the Historical Nakasendo Road.

Silk Weaving Experience (Ueda Tsumugi)

Sit at a 100-Year Old Loom and Make Your Own Ueda Silk Weaving.

Appreciating Ukiyoe Wood Block Print Art

Rotating Displays of Japan’s Largest Collection of Ukiyoe Woodblock Prints.

Komagatake Ropeway to Senjojiki Cirque

Ascend to the High-Alpine Senjojiki Cirque with Ease via the Komagatake Ropeway.

Sasazushi at Kajika-tei

Try Northern Nagano’s Iconic Sasa-Sushi and Tomikura Soba at the Landmark Kajika-tei.

Insect Cuisine

Are You Brave Enough to Try a Meal of Insects?

Gibier (Wild Game Meat)

Are You Game to Try Game? Do as the Nagano-ites Do and Eat Wild Game Meat.

Fruit Picking at Kamiyamada's Crown Farm

Eat Fresh Grapes and Apples You Pick Yourself at this Foreigner-friendly, Family-run Orchard in Kamiyamada.

Apple Picking in Iida's Sanwa Orchard

Fruit-Picking and Apple Pie Baking at this Large Orchard.

Zazen Meditation -- 5am Zazen at Kaigen-ji

Quiet Your Mind with 5am Zazen Meditation at Historical Kaigen-ji Temple.

Visit to Nagato Ranch Dairy Farm

Make Ice Cream, Butter and More at this Working Dairy Farm.

Hotto Stay Rural Visit

Rural Lifestyle Mini-Experience.

Soba-Uchi (Making Buckwheat Noodles) at Togakushi Tonkururin

Make Soba Noodles by Hand at Buckwheat Mecca Togakushi.

Soba-Uchi (Making Buckwheat Noodles) at Soba Mecca Kaida Kogen

Make Soba Noodles by Hand in Kaida Kogen, Buckwheat Paradise at Mt. Ontake.

Heritage Horseback Riding in Kiso

Horseback Riding on Kiso’s Own Breed of Horses.

Learn How to Make Oyaki Dumplings at Ogawa Village

Venture to Ogawa Village, the Oyaki Heartland, to Make Dumplings.

Learn How to Make Miso Paste

Learn How to Make Miso Paste at Nagano City’s Premier Miso-Maker Suyakame.

'Sansai' (Mountain Vegetables) Gathering

Go with a Guide to Nozawa Onsen’s Mountains to Gather Wild Plants.

Wasabizuke-Making Lesson at Daio Wasabi Farm

Tour the Wasabi Farm and Learn How to Cook with Wasabi.

Japanese Confectionary (Wagashi) Making

Making ‘Wagashi’ Is an Art – Iida’s Famous Confectionary Shop Teaches the Techniques.

How to do Sunki Lacto-Fermenting

Learn to Make Kiso Valley’s Unique Salt-free Pickling Technique.

Master Gohei Mochi Making

Make Kiso’s Specialty Mochi-rice Sweats.

Make Chopsticks out of Hinoki

Use Kiso’s Famed Hinoki Wood to Make Your Own Pair of Chopsticks.

Uchiyama Washi (Japanese Paper) Workshop in Iiyama

Japanese Paper Making Using this Distinct Deep-Snow Country Process.

Matsushiro-yaki Pottery Lesson

Create an Original Piece of Matsushiro-yaki, Nagano’s Premier Pottery Style.

'Temari' Handball Workshop

A Symbol of Matsumoto, Make a Temari Ball as a Momento of your Stay.

Music Box Workshop

Discover the Wonders of Music Boxes

Mizuhiki Lesson

Learn the Fine points of Mizuhiki in Iida, Birthplace of This Distinct Craft.

Sake Tasting at the Venerable Masumi Brewery

Sample Sake at Nagano’s Premier Brewery, Birthplace of Yeast Number Seven.

Hyakuso herbal medicine factory tour

Tour the Factory of Natural Herbal Medicine Maker Hyakuso.

Kanten Papa Garden

See Kanten Papa’s Unusual Agar Making Process.

Nanawarai Sake Brewery Tour

Tour the Nanawarai’s Sake Brewery, the Pride of Kiso Valley.

Zazen Meditation -- With a German Priestess at Horakuan

Practice Zazen Meditation with Guidance in English or German in Suzaka.

Zazen Meditation -- At Bessho Onsen's Historical Anraku-ji Temple

Attend a Zazen Meditation Session at Bessho Onsen’s Historical Anraku-Ji Temple.

Obuse's Half Marathon

Quirky Half-Marathon in the Quaint Town of Obuse.

Guided Tour of Zenkoji Temple

Tour the Venerable Zenkoji Temple with the Knowledgeable Bonsho no Kai Volunteers.

Kamesei Ryokan in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Friendly, Traditional Japanese Onsen Inn run by an American-Japanese couple.

Shioda Plain Temple Walk

Take in the Historical Temples around Bessho Onsen with this 1-Day Tour.

Clear Bottom Boat Ride in Azumino

Ride a Boat down a Spring-fed Stream past Romantic Waterwheels.

Outdoor sculptures

See Spectacular Artwork in a Spectacular Mountaintop Setting.

Tenryu River Boat Tour

Ride the Rapids of the Tenryu River’s Mid-Stretch with Traditionally-Garbed Guides.

Tenryu River Rhein Boat Ride

Leisurely Boat Ride through the Beautiful Tenryu River Gorge.

Onsen-in-a-River: Kiriake Onsen

Dig Your Own Bath and Enjoy the Onsen Water Bubbling Up from the Riverbed.

Onsen-Hopping at Shibu Onsen

Soak in Shibu Onsen’s 9 Public Baths for Good Luck.


Ride a Cable Car up to Tokiwakan’s Panorama Onsen Baths.

Barrel Bath at Rinrinkan

Build a Fire to Heat the Water for your own Barrel Bath.

Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival

Hear World-renowned Musicians from across the Globe Perform in Matsumoto.

Crafts Fair Matsumoto

Browse Japan’s Premier Outdoor Arts & Crafts Fair.

Lake Suwa Fireworks Display

Watch Nagano’s Biggest Fireworks Displays (One of the Most Famous in Japan).

Takato Castle Site Park Cherry Blossoms

Castle Remains Surrounded by Pink Cherry Blossoms in Early April.

See and Take Part in Japanese Puppetry at the Iida Puppet Festa

Watch a Puppet Show in Iida, One of Japan’s Top Puppetry Centers.

Oshika Kabuki Performance

Watch a Performance of a Rare Countryside Kabuki, Twice Yearly.

Guided Tour of Matsumoto Castle

Tour National Treasure Matsumoto Castle with the Helpful ALSA Guides.

Geological Wonder: Japan Median Tectonic Line

Learn About the Geological Fault Line Crossing Honshu.

'Kanjiki' Snow Shoes Making Workshop & Hike

Make a Bit of Nagano’s Deep Snow Heritage: Kanjiki Traditional Snow Shoes.

Search for Hidden Hamlet

Go Trekking to Find Otari Village’s Hamlet Only Accessible on Foot

Curling Lesson 60

Try Your Hand at Curling at Japan's Largest Year-Round Curling Center.


Assemble a Watch in Suwa, the Switzerland of Japan.

Photographing Japanese Macaques in the Wild

Observe Japanese Monkeys Up-Close in Their Natural Habitat

Hotel New Station Matsumoto

Hometown-Favorite Business Hotel next to Matsumoto Station.

Learning to Make Oyaki Dumplings Near Zenkoji

Make Oyaki Dumplings at Ogawa Village’s Zenkoji Shop.

Uchiyama Washi (Japanese Paper) Making at Kamisukiya (Kijimadaira Village)

Kijimadaira’s Version of Snow-Country Uchiyama Paper Making.

Metal Engraving with an Iiyama Master Craftsman

Have One of Iiyama’s Master Craftsmen Show How to Engrave Brass.

Smelt Fishing at Nojiri Lake

Go Fishing for Smelt on Lake Nojiri.

Eat Komagane Sauce Katsu Don at an Official Restaurant

Try Komagane’s Famous Sauce Katsu Specialty Dish at One of these Fine Restaurants.

Walking Kamikochi's Weston Loop

Stroll along the Base of the 2,000-Meter High Kamikochi Valley.

Try Your Hand at Kyudo (Japanese Archery)

Experience Kyudo, Japan’s Spiritual Version of Archery.

Nakano Clay Doll Painting

Paint Your Own Artistic Nakano Clay Doll.

Spicy Udon at Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Udon Noodles with the Nefariously Spicy Nezumi Daikon Radish.

Wafuku (Japanese Clothing) Tutorial

Curious How Traditional Japanese Clothing Works? Have Saito-san Explain All.

Miso Soup Making Lesson

Learn How to Make That Most Basic of Japanese Cuisine: Miso Soup.

Glass Blowing in Karuizawa

Try a New Experience While Visiting Nagano – Glassblowing!

Hiking to Togakushi's Giant Cedar Trees

Nature’s Power Awaits You at the Massive Cedar Trees Lining the Path to ‘Okusha’.

Hiking to Happo-ike Pond

Take in the Stunning Views of Happo Pond High Up in the Hakuba Range.

Climb an Active Volcano in the Japanese Alps: Yakedake

Popular Day-Hike to a Dynamic Active Volcano from Kamikochi.

Uematsuya Ryokan in Bessho Onsen

Friendly Ryokan in the Center of Bessho Onsen.

Hotel Hakuba Hifumi

Classy, Family-Run Ryokan in the Heart of Hakuba Village

Hotel Platon

City Hotel Amenities at Reasonable Prices with Onsen Baths.

Senshinkan Matsuya

Friendly, Family-Run Inn in the Heart of Shibu Onsen.

Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu

Hotel with Japanese Accents in the Heart of Matsumoto.

Hotel Haus St.Anton

Family-Run Austrian-themed Lodge in the Heart of Nozawa Onsen Village.

Yuzan in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

One of the Major Ryokans in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada.

Tourist Hotel Green Plaza in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Budget-priced Accommodation in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada.

Aritaya Ryokan in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Traditional Family-Run 100-Year Old Wooden Inn

Ogiwarakan in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Medium-sized Ryokan Famous for Congenial Service

Chuo Hotel in Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Family-run Traditional Inn with a Folk Art Theme

Saito Hotel in Kakeyu Onsen

Modern High-Rise Onsen Hotel in Kakeyu Onsen.

Resort Hotel Tateshina

Resort Hotel on the Shores of Tateshina Lake Surrounded by Forests at the Foot of Mt.Yatsugatake.

Yudanaka Seifuso

Family-run Traditional Ryokan 2-min from Yudanaka Station with Private Onsen Bath and WiFi.

Hanaya in Bessho Onsen

Traditional Japanese Construction Built by Master Craftsmen with Western Accents for a "Taisho Romance" Feel.

Sierra Resort Hakuba

Hakuba's Luxury Resort Hotel with At-Home Relaxing Feel.

Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

A solitary inn tucked into the foothills at the 1050m level of the Utsukushigahara Plateau. Relais & Châteaux member.

Matsumoto Marunouchi Hotel

Hotel Located Steps from Matsumoto Castle in the City's Historical and Cultural Heart.


Small, Family-run Pension in the Heart of Sylvan Karuizawa.

Matsukawa Gorge

Picturesque River Gorge with 3 Waterfalls and 8 Hot Springs Districts

Kokuya in Shibu Onsen

Sukiya (Tea House)-Style Ryokan Founded 400 Years Ago, Close to Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park.

Jinpyo-kaku Honten in Kanbayashi Onsen

Old-Fashioned Inn Loved by Literary and Political Greats.


Actual Works by Woodblock Print Master Hokusai

Hikari-ya Nishi

Macrobiotic Fine French Dining in a Remodeled 120-Year Old Storehouse.

Hikari-ya Higashi

Fine Japanese Dining in a Stylishly Remodeled 130-Year-Old Storehouse.

Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

Classic, Luxury Hotel Perfect for Enjoying the Tateshina Wilderness.

Suwa Garasunosato (Glass Center)

Japan's Largest Glass Art-Related Activities Center

Honjin Iwanami-ke Museum

Edo-Era Traveler's Lodge with the Nakasendo's Best Garden

Suwa Grand Shrine Kamisuwa Honmiya (Main Hall)

Historical Shrine of the Great Pillars Festival

Suwa Taisha(Grand Shrine) Shimosha Akimiya

One of the four Grand Shrines of Suwa, Featuring an Ancient 800-Year Old Tree and Colossal Straw Rope

Daio Wasabi Farm

Japan's Largest Wasabi Farm in the Pristine Waters of Azumino

Soba Noodle Making in Matsumoto

Make (then Eat!) Soba at this Premier Noodle Shop 2 Minutes from Matsumoto Castle.


Old 'Kominka' Farmhouse-Styled Thatched-Roof Building Featuring an Irori Hearth.

Matsumoto's Nunoya Ryokan

Wooden Inn in Central Matsumoto, Featured in Lonely Planet

Oyaki Dumpling Making at Yakimochiya

Learn How to Make Oyaki Dumplings at the Hearth of this Thatched Roof Farmhouse.

Awanoyu in Shirahone Onsen

Relax in Awanoyu's Milky White Mineral Water in Famous Shirahone Onsen.

Mountainside Tokiwakan in Komoro

Ride a Cable Car to an Above-The-Clouds Outdoor Onsen Bath.

Suyakame Main Store

Original Miso-Based Menu at Zenkoji's Original Miso Maker.

Ogawa-no-sho Daimon Shop

Nagano's Own Oyaki Dumplings Cooked on Coals on a Hearth.


Serving Nagano's Heritage Cuisine at the Entrance to Zenkoji.

Uotoshi Ryokan in Yudanaka

Ryokan with a Kyudo (Japanese Archery) Range.

1166 Backpackers at Zenkoji Temple

Small Guesthouse in an Old Temple Neighborhood

Monzen Machiya Gallery Juniten

86-year old Renovated Machiya Near the Entrance to Zenkoji.

Restaurant CLASUWA

Suwa Lakeside Stylish Restaurant.

Highland Inn ease

Pension in Southern Karuizawa Popular With Foreigners.

Kiso-Fukushima 'Furusato Taikenkan' Activities Hall

The Place to Experience Kiso Valley's Distinct Culture

Enza café & ramen enza

A stylish café and ramen restaurant located at the trail head leading to the Snow Monkey Park

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